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Ecoray’s Ceiling Lights are a high quality LED upgrade for CFL can lights. They are lightweight, energy efficient, maintenance free fixtures which have revolutionised commercial, retail and office lighting.


Ecoray have developed advanced Ceiling Light LED’s for flexibility in using a 6w, 12w or 20w LED in a 230mm ceiling light, depending on the output you require, and your individual requirements. CFL can lights come in multiple combinations but most often use 2 x 13w, 2 x 18w or 2 x 26w G24 CFLs. The sizes range from 140mm to 230mm.

Traditionally, the older CFL can lights increase in output as they increase in size. Generally, if you want to replace a 230mm wide can light with 2 x 18w CFLs inside you would need to install a 40w LED or higher. In most instances the light would be far too bright and you would receive no energy saving.

Ecoray have developed advanced LED ceiling light technology which allows for the use of 6w, 12w or 20w LED output in sizes up to 230mm+ shell proving equal or superior light output at an average of 15% to 50% of the energy consumption, thereby maximising energy savings. Ecoray’s ceiling lights are extremely long life (50,000hrs+), and require no maintenance. When factoring in the cost of frequent bulb replacement and labour costs for traditional CFL fittings, Ecoray’s LED ceiling lights typically provide real cost savings of over 96% during their lifespan.
Ecorays LED Ceiling Lights are constructed with aluminium reflectors coated with a clear scratch resistant film which allows for easy cleaning. They can be dimmable on request and operate on most smart lighting control systems. The product can be used with Dali drivers and the Ex-Or lighting control systems.


Many old CLF units (eg. G24) are large heavy units, and many custom fittings have been tailor made and installed in situations where the ceiling depth or load bearing was not sufficient for these lights.

As Ecoray’s LED Ceiling lights are a fraction of the weight, and the recessed dimensions are significantly less than the CFL units they are directly replacing, retrofitting Ecoray’s LED Ceiling lights into any existing custom made housing units can be done seamlessly. This means the architectural design can be maintained (where desired), to be aesthetically pleasing, with the added benefit of the significant cost savings.


  • Variable sizes and output
  • Direct replacement for CFL can lights
  • 3 Year warranty with 5 year option
  • IP20
  • No Glass
  • Dimmable (on request)
  • Smart Lighting Control Systems Compatible
  • Range of colour temperatures (3000k – 5500k)


  • Recessed
  • Retrofit (see above)

Areas (Commercial/Retail)

  • Offices
  • SupermarketsHotels
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Shopping Centre

Areas (Public)

  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Bus/Train Stations Airports
  • Gymnasiums
  • Airport

View Ceiling/Commercial Lights Products