Energy Savings Reports

Ecoray’s Energy Savings Reports are individually tailored in order for Companies to reduce their annual energy costs and to maximise energy efficiency associated with the day to day running of their businesses.

Ecoray have qualified assessors who can perform a comprehensive audit of your building, detailing each and every light, and the current energy consumption. An Energy Savings Report is designed with a strategy for replacing or retrofitting existing lighting with our range of high performance, quality, energy efficient products.

Ecoray can undertake a comprehensive audit of existing lighting to show:

  • Comprehensive report of existing installation and running costs
  • Comprehensive report of proposed upgrade and energy savings
  • Detailed analysis of costs
    • energy savings
    • maintenance savings
    • financial return (pay-back period, net present value (NPV))
    • internal rate of return (IRR)
    • estimate of Energy Savings Certificates (ESC)
  • Technical Specifications (including Safety)

Lighting contributes significantly to business energy use and operating costs. Increasing energy prices highlight the need to reduce the cost of lighting. Energy use associated with lighting systems can be reduced by over 80 per cent if energy efficient lighting practices are adopted.

Efficient lighting systems not only reduce energy consumption, but improve the working environment, increase safety and enhance staff well-being.