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Ecoray’s Honeycomb Module Series lights are a new high quality LED alternative for Highbays, Floodlights, Tunnel Lights, High-Pole Light or Streetlights etc. The Honeycomb Module’s unique flexible modular design can be configured to suit any proposed project.


With a choice of either 30w or 50w modules, 110lm/w or 130lm/w as well as a choice of beam angles (17°/45°/90°/120°) you can accurately calculate the most energy efficient way to obtain the lighting you require.

The heatsink, or “Honeycomb” modules can be easily interconnected in any combination or number to achieve the desired light output. While there are no technical limits on the number of honeycomb modules that can be interconnected, due to the very powerful output of each module, typically configurations of up to 400w @ 520,000lm for Highbay, Floodlight and Streetlight configurations is sufficient for most applications, and up to 2000w @ 260,000lm per Honeycomb configuration is generally sufficient for stadium and large construction worksite applications.

The Honeycomb’s are constructed with Aluminium and PC and have a high heat tolerance of up to 65 degrees centigrade, which makes them highly suitable for food applications/environments or anywhere glass is not permitted. These benefits coupled with the flexibility of the design makes them highly suitable for numerous industrial or commercial environments.


  • Modular Design
  • Lm80 Chips (For Long Life)
  • Direct Replacement For Metal Halide Or Mercury Vapour Highbays, Floodlights Or Streetlights.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Ip65 – Ip67
  • No Glass
  • Range Of Colour Temperatures (3000k – 5500k)
  • Multiple Choice Optical Lenses
  • Advanced, Vortex Air Flow Thermal Management
  • Easy Assembly Using Join Piece. No Soldering Required.
  • Flexibility Of Configuration As Per Project.
  • Low Maintenance


  • Suspended
  • Surface Mounted
  • E40 For Single Module 30w Or 50w
  • Custom Mounting Options Available


  • Any Industrial Or Commercial Environment
  • Stadium / Sporting
  • Indoor Or Outdoor
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