Solar/Renewable Energy

Development of renewable energy in Australia has been encouraged by government policy and implemented in response to concerns about climate change, energy independence and economic stimulus. As such, Ecoray are constantly educating themselves on the latest energy efficient technologies so that they are in a position to offer their customers the greatest energy efficient solutions.

These can be seen across a range of technologies including, but not limited to, clean energy – solar, wind, and LED lighting with options to include intelligent control systems (dimming/sensor units), which can further enhance the energy savings of these already high energy saving technologies.

Ecoray firmly believes in helping companies meet their corporate social responsibility and regulatory requirements based on their own unique needs. That is why they have teamed up with other experts in the field – experts who are able to bring their own contributions to the table. By partnering with these other organisations, and combining their expertise and knowledge of the energy industry, Ecoray are well positioned to manage the renewable energy and Solar needs of their customers’ business enterprises.

It has been suggested that with sufficient public and private sector investment and government policy certainty, Australia could switch entirely to renewable energy within a decade by building additional large-scale solar and wind power developments, upgrading to transmission infrastructure and introduction of appropriate energy efficiency measures.

Ecoray are proud to be a socially responsible company founded on strong environmental ethics that contribute to the improvement of the environment and society, and have developed committed relationships with clean energy partners that enable them to offer complete energy efficient solutions.


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